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Kitchen 73 is a legacy to our father, who taught us that if we had to do things, we had to do them properly. We pay homage to our father in our food, whether it be through his recipe for our tomato sauce, or the homemade Italian sausage done every morning, to our hollandaise sauce, pancake, crepe and waffle batters being made from scratch every morning. We strongly believe in only serving fresh, local products, because we come from an area of plentiful riches. We don’t believe in using shortcuts-we want everyone to try our food and say, “wow, this tastes authentic”. This is why we make most of our specialty breads, especially our gluten- free line, which only uses the best quality ingredients. K73 pays tribute to the legacy our father left. We take pride in giving back to community. We donate .73$ from every plate sold at K73, as our way to give back to those in need around our communities. We make every plate as if we were making it in honor of our dad. Once you try our menu for yourself, we know you will make the switch.

To this day, we are amazed at how fast Kitchen 73 has grown. What started off as a simple concept has grown into being such a successful establishment. Never in our right minds would we have thought that 2 years in, we’d be on our second location, serving thousands of people a week. We’ve grown so quick, we’ve had to add a second food truck, and we’ve had to abandon our wives and families, while sleeping in the kitchen to prepare food for the immense demand. Looking back, we wouldn’t change any of this for one second, because we get to see the look of ecstasy in our customer’s faces. Their satisfaction is our number one goal and it brings us great joy when we can welcome strangers into our extended family!

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